Badesha Electrical Ltd.

Health and Safety Policy

At Badesha Electrical, health and safety is a way of life. We value our people and their wellness as our most important asset. Our policies are designed to provide every employee with a healthy work environment that is safe from hazards, both physical and environmental. Workplace safety is an attitude at Badesha Electrical Ltd. We believe in maintaining a safe workplace that enhances job performance, productivity and morale. At Badesha Electrical Ltd, you will be encouraged to voice any issues or concerns regarding the safety of your workplace through open communication at all levels of the organization.

Badesha Electrical Ltd is dedicated to providing the highest level of health and safety for its people, customers, and suppliers. We strive to maintain a safe, healthy, and enjoyable work environment for everyone in the Badesha Electrical family.

Safe electrical work starts with extensive training and regular safety meetings, which are conducted on a regular basis by Badesha Electrical Ltd’s electrical manager. In addition, special training is provided at least annually for each certified technician.